Custom Work


We are supplying custom selenite crystal pieces for furniture cabinets and desks as well as custom made bowls.

Atellier Viollet has used our Selenite in many projects

Finished cabinets, above and below, by Atelier Viollet of Brooklyn, see “Links”

Also check out the Atelier Viollet “Blog” for more Gypsum info and photos

Crystalline Phoenix has worked with furniture builders to create amazing pieces of art

Selenite crystal tiles inlaid in cabinet door

by Atelier Viollet of Brooklyn, see “Links”

Atellier Viollet  creates fabuous furniture with our Selenite

We have custom cut, milled , and polished selenite crystal slabs of 18″ x 12″ x 2″ ,18″ x 15″ x 2″,  22″ x 22″ x 2 1/2″, and now 60″ x 44″ x 3″,  for treatment table and table top applications.

Avery large saw cuts a very large slab of our Selenite
Custom cut Selenite Tile
Valkyrie Selenite Table

selenite crystal slabs that have been milled flat, cut, and polished for custom tables

These cut Selenite slabs may be used for many things

selenite crystal slabs that have been milled flat, cut, and polished for custom tables

We offer Diamond cut Selenite as well

Custom cut 9″ x 8″ x 3″ diamond for embedding in wall.

Selenite sometimes looks like ice

Custom cut 19 x19 x 3″ slab

Architectural Stone

Selenite crystal slabs are available that allow significant light transmission and that can be used in a wall as an alternative to a window or light source. Slabs have been embedded in the wall with a light behind. Slabs can be used for flooring, shelves and mantles as well. 

Our Selenite cut slabs used for fireplace

Fireplace mantle or threshold with selenite slabs


We have selenite crystal pieces that have been merged with native woods into beautiful works of art, as well as pieces of glass clarity selenite platforms to display miniatures or art of any kind. We have sold a large number of selenite crystal LED lights  (see Portfolio photos). Many of our smaller “pillar” crystals grace numerous personal, corporate, medical, and academic desks as natural art forms. Our unique selenite “coral” pieces are not only beautiful pieces of natural art, but also very powerful forms of selenite. Selenite slabs, powder and chips have been incorporated into beautiful art.

Eric Parks usese our Selnite to create beautiful Lights

Gorgeous Lit Stand Up by Eric Parks

our large slabs are used to clear space

Selenite stand up slab on lighted base

A full size Selenite stand up from our quarry

Selenite Slab on Marble Base

bottom lit Selenite Sculpture from our quarry

Bottom lit and back lit selenite stand up art pieces


The largest sculpture piece from our selenite crystal measures 63” by 19” by 19” and is in a hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia. The smallest are fetishes created by Zuni carvers. (see Portfolio photos)

Our selenite has been used by Zuni artists

Fox fetish by Zuni artist

Our Selenite was used by artist Ron Dier  sculpture now in St Petersburg Russia.
The back of Ron Dier's large Selenite Sculpture

Very large sculptures in St. Petersburg, Russia  by Ron Dier Design


Selenite crystal pieces of up to 100+ pounds have been sold for meditational seats and stand on slabs, and we have pieces up to a thousand pounds plus for meditational  platforms. We have filled orders for selenite treatment tables and altars of various sizes for indoors and outdoors.  (see Portfolio page) The energetic effects of selenite crystals are vividly displayed in aura photos.

Trudy Baker's aura with Selenite

Aura photo of Trudy Ann Baker after sitting on selenite seat.

Energy Clearing

We have sold, and given as gifts, a large number of glass clear pieces of selenite crystal to place eye glasses, jewelry, and other crystals on to clear accumulated, unwanted energies. We have also provided milky to glass clear pieces of selenite crystal to be used as seats and foot pieces, or to be inserted under bed pillows, beds, chairs, and treatment tables to cleanse, clear, and balance energies. A unique application has been to use thick pieces for flagstones to clear someone entering sacred space. (see Portfolio photos)


For inquiries, special orders, questions, or prices for our Crystalline Phoenix® selenite, products, and services please go to the “Contact” page, or email us at Please give your contact information, including your phone number and location. As we are often traveling, your phone contact info will enable us to get back to you when we do not have email access. Your location will enable us to know the time zone you are in.