Crystalline Phoenix® selenite is available in different sizes for indoor and outdoor architectural applications, from shards for paving and pathways, etcetera; slabs from 50 to 300+ lbs. for tables, seats, and benches; opaque to glass clear small slabs for windows and skylights; and large crystals up to several tons for major effect pieces.

Crystalline Phoenix selenite beacon
169 pound Crystalline Phoenix® selenite crystal set in black river stone and mesquite box
Crystalline Phoenix selenite beacon
the 169 pound crystal alongside river, in center of fire pit area
Crystalline Phoenix selenite beacon
the 169 pound crystal lit with solar light
Selenite "Christmas Tree" in landscape on North Island, NZ.
1500+ pound selenite block, big enough to seat 3 beautiful women!
cats love trees, and selenite in the landscape
150lb. Crystalline Phoenix® selenite piece at restaurant in Corrales, New Mexico (near Albuquerque)
notice large orb over piece at restaurant
Mark & Kathy Hooper on selenite slab at Corrales restaurant
Crystalline Phoenix selenite window
Selenite embedded in papercrete wall at Eve's Garden B&B in Marathon, Texas
Selenite in the Sun
Mason with a 1500+lb. piece of selenite with the sun shining through
Mason Hooper supervising removal of large crystal
Mason with a 388 lb. piece with sun shining through. This piece is now at a Temple site.
Kathy Hooper with 1500+lb. piece of selenite
4+ ton selenite crystal in Crystalline Phoenix® quarry, now reduced to several table slabs and landscape pieces