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We have discovered, and tested, an  invisible, environmentally green nanotechnology treatment for porous materials that resists stains and water damage. It is a surface treatment stabilizer, a liquid, water-based, organic treatment that is applied to porous surfaces. We applied it on a rough slab of selenite and then poured cherry juice concentrate on the slab and left it overnight. the next morning we washed off the cherry juice and none had seeped into the rough slab!  An extreme test! Contact us for info if you want your outdoor slab or table slab treated. 



We have recently discovered a new form of selenite that has grown in a clay formation rather than a gypsum environment. The closest form of selenite to it is "duckbill" found in Canada; however, the "duckbill" is tiny by comparison. Here is one example of the "Dragons Tooth©":


The teeth on this 100 pound plus and 4 foot plus slab are 6-8 inches long!


This is a smaller slab.


This slab is almost all teeth!


And with this sample, the teeth are arranged in various directions!

We will be releasing more photo examples in the near future, including pieces with hundreds, and one with maybe a thousand teeth.

Keep checking our News section for timing on our release of a special page on the website where we will be listing certain selenite slabs, not handled by our wonderful reps around the world, with photos and prices, including:

  • table slabs,
  • art slabs,
  • interior and exterior landscape slabs, and


December 2013

With orders continuing to flow in, inventory began to reach depletion, and we had to schedule another dig at the quarry...and hoped for the best with the weather. And, it did not cooperate, as usual, with bitter cold and gale force winds. But, we did manage to stock up on much needed inventory, and make sure time sensitive orders got there before the holidays.


Buddhist monk on a selenite meditation slab we partially donated for the holidays.



November 2013

We spent the month working with the new inventory, filling a backlog of orders, and continuing construction on our new building (see Oct. news). And we got all kinds of wonderful confirmation that the selenite is finding a wide range of new homes and being used in beautiful applications.


A large sculpture in a hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia.


A selenite slab we donated on an altar in a church in Connecticut.


And in a corner of the church.

Perutrip shaman.jpg

A Peruvian Shaman blessing a selenite crystal prior to offering it to Lake Titicaca.


October 2013

There was no rest for the weary in October, as we first started construction on a new 900 square foot building to cut., polish, store and display inventory,  then had to replenish exhausted inventory with a new dig at the quarry, and finished the month with more work on the new building.

"Bird Dog" cutting into a solid selenite wall of clear crystal with a wet chain saw!

We cut into some beautiful, clear selenite and pulled some magnificent sculpture material:pillar.JPG

A 74 inch x 20 inch x 12 inch sculpture pillar!


Once the new building is completed, we hope to open it to customers where they can not only watch us work the selenite but also see pieces to purchase.

And in our continuing effort to get the selenite out into sacred places around the world, we sent pieces with one Kiwi who visited England, and in a sacred offering, placed selenite in a place I have visited often and hold very dear:



September 2013

We went into September expecting to do four gridding jobs in Ashland, Oregon, as well as near Mt. Shasta, California at a pace that left us some recovery time in between jobs, plus time at the end of the jobs for some rest and relaxation. Instead, we not only added a fifth gridding job at a restaurant during one "time off day", but also finished with a gridding job that took 4 plus days, including all our R&R time. Exhausting, but, we got to work with and meet some wonderful, beautiful people...and see some spectacular scenery.



August 2013

We started the month with some energy healing in anticipation of some heavy lifting at the end of the month and a very busy September, October, and November. At the end of the month, we selected and loaded 3400 pounds of selenite seat and foot piece slabs as well as blocks for gridding projects in Ashland, Oregon and Mt. Shasta, California. More on the gridding projects in next month's News.

Our good friend, great customer, and energetic Lightworker in New Zealand, Gini Collin of Earth Energies NZ, sent us these photos of work she did combining the Bioptron light therapy with selenite at a Maori Center earlier this year.



Another Kiwi, albiet one that currently lives in Arizona, went on a volunteer mission to Haiti with Peacework Medical Clinic, and both used selenite in her work and handed out pieces of selenite to her clients, and kids.

Glenyss with patient.jpg

Note the selenite on the bench and under the table/bench.

Glenyss and kids at clinic.jpg


July 2013

We started the month by shipping another pallet crate load of 14 seats to California...this makes over 150 seats sold and shipped this year alone.

And consistent with our gifting policies, we donated and shipped 20 plus pounds of selenite crystal to Glenyss Lim of Scottsdale, AZ, to be handed out during her trip to Haiti in August.

Our New Zealand rep, Gini Collin of Earth Energies NZ, came to visit for a week and hand pick several hundred pounds of premium pieces to be shipped to the UK and New Zealand. She has become a big fan of our newest selenite discovery, the "serpents tooth" selenite. Here are a couple of photos of this georgeous selenite, which Trudy has claimed as her personal specimen;



And Trudy got to play with the horses once again, after gridding one of their stalls.


This beautiful pillar was shipped to NY, and of course the cats soon adopted it. Mark's cats sleep on his selenite BioMat and on his selenite seat slab.


June 2013

We spent the month replenishing sealenite seat inventory and shipping them out...another 12 in a pallet crate to Canada. We also cut our first large diamond shape, 9" x 8" x 3", to be inlaid into an inside wall with a light behind it.



May 2013

We delivered our first selenite BioMat, a ProMat, to Australia. And continued to supply Kate King, as well as her representatives, with selenite slabs for her georgeous jewelry. The representatives, and her jewelry, may be found here:


We also delivered our second largest table slab, 60" x 42" x 3":


Trudy learned to operate a Skidloader:


And, we sent an approximately 1500-2000 pound block to New Mexico Travertine in Belen, NM, to be milled into a 62" x 44" x 4" table slab:



April 2013

We finished the two week dig in April, exhausted! But, we accumulated significant inventory and made large shipments of selenite seats to Canada and Oregon.

And we received photos of the treatment table that we milled 18" x 12" x 2" slabs for:


As well as photos of an architectural use of our selenite as a fireplace threshold:

Fireplace 2.jpg

March 2013


We conducted a two week dig this month to replenish our inventory. Our digs are generally done between September and April to avoid the heat, which can get to 120F. Even so, we still deal with rattlesnakes, dust the consistency of talcum powder 6 inches thick, wind two to three days a week that blows 30-50 mph for 8-12 hours, dust storms so thick you can begin to chew the air, and the extremes of hot and cold...from 23 one morning to 95 the next day. And the heat radiates from the ground to produce an oven effect that I last encountered in Saudia Arabia while working there in my corporate days.

In spite of the conditions, and with a team effort, we dug a lot of beautiful crystal and added substantially to our inventory.



And enjoyed some great sunsets:



February 2013 : We got photos of the beautiful cabinet created by Atelier Viollet (see "Links") using our selenite tiles:Gysum cabinet.1.jpg


We had our best Tucson Gem Show, thanks to our many new and repeat customers (selenite lovers!).We introduced the prototype selenite BioMats, both the Mini-Mat and the BioMat Professional, to our Tucson customers, and got our first orders for the selenite BioMats:



Our Denver distributor, Gary Fishman, brought his gong to the room and played for the selenite and customers:


And one of the visiting artists at the Tucson Show, Khalila Friedman (see "Links"), used our selenite "fairy dust" in her painting:


While another artist, Stevie Jo Lake (see "Links"), had her creation purchased by Aitreyia of Spirits Child Metaphysical Gift Shop in Tucson, see "Links".





January 2013:  Wow! We have been at this 5 years now! And this month we did a dig from the 10th to the 17th to produce inventory for the Tucson Gem Show. Wow, it was cold, even the toilet drains froze under the HiLo we stay in during digs. Although the snow did not appear to bother Chris!


December 2012: We gifted and delivered three 100 to 200+ pound selenite slabs to the Hopi Reservation:


Our distributor in New Zealand shipped us some of her latest formulations, including elixirs and mysts containing Crystalline Phoenix® Selenite, just in time for the Holidays and New Year (see "Links").


And we gifted selenite to our Sydney, Australia distributor, Mary-Jane Wood and her husband, to take with them on their trip to Peru to leave as offerings and gifts in the Amazon.

Selenite_receiving piece.JPG

Shaman Don Ramon of the Peruvian Achual people in the Amazon

Selenite_buried in the village.JPG

Crystalline Phoenix selenite was ceremonially buried in Don Ramon's village, Jerusalen, in the Amazon

Selenite_amazon village stream.JPG

Crystalline Phoenix selenite was ceremonially placed in a tributary of the Amazon River

And, in December, Ron Dier Design of Los Angeles, produced the first carved  bowl, 30" long x 10" wide x 7"h, out of our selenite.



November 2012: At Tucson in February, we sent selenite samples to Korea to test whether selenite BioMats were both practical and advantageous. This month, we received the prototype selenite BioMats, MiniMat and ProMat. Tests in Korea showed that our selenite BioMats produce 800-1000 negative ions per cubic centimeter of surrounding air. A pristine forest produces about 400 negative ions per cubic centimeter. WebMD says:

"Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy."


And sometimes our cats let us use the selenite BioMat!

We also transported over 4500 pounds of selenite crystal to the Phoenix area to do the workshop below as well as to grid and update 6 properties. The largest crystal was over 1500 pounds for one property, and the largest for the workshop was a 200+ pound selenite coral piece. Trudy used this beautiful selenite coral in a guided meditation involving the entire workshop to help heal Mother Earth. This beautiful crystal resides temporarily at Storm Wisdom in Scottsdale, AZ. Below is a writeup on the crystal by the owner of Storm Wisdom:

A Council of Seven

Last week I had a couple of visitors at Storm Wisdom, who had a unique offer/request. I have known them for awhile, as they are one of the vendors we buy Selenite from. As a matter of fact, the large piece that is in the back near our Crystal Healing room, which is there for folks to stand on when they want to clear their energy field, is from them.
They had been in the Phoenix area doing ceremonial work with a medicine wheel. A major part of this medicine wheel work was focused on healing the planet. This couple (from Crystalline Phoenix) brought with them a large piece of "Coral Selenite", which the group worked with during some of the ceremonies. As the weekend came to a close, they were trying to decide what was next for this 200lbs piece of Coral Selenite... And several of the participants got insights or intuitive hits... That this amazing crystal wanted to be at Storm Wisdom!
So there they were, offering to leave this unique piece, at our Center! And although, I was feeling like it was a generous offer... I also was wondering "where would I put a 200lbs crystal (that is not for sale) in the center?" After talking with them for a bit, I asked them to show it to me... As that would help me to know if it was going to work or not.
Well... As soon as I touched it my hands began to vibrate. It felt like my cells and DNA were being rearranged in my hands and it was clear it was going to be staying! Then I went inside to see where it would fit! I walked into our group space (the Oasis room)... and immediately heard, sensed or felt "NO". Then I am wandering around, trying to figure out where in the heck to place a piece like this in our retail space - when it wasn't even going to be for sale.
All of a sudden it became apparent... It wanted to be placed on the coffee table, that sits between the two couches in our visiting area!! It wants to work with people... It wants to be touched, it wants to connect. AND it is powerful! I barely had time to connect with it, because I had an appointment. Yet, as I was driving away... My mind was flooded with so many messages and images!
The first was that this is an alchemical stone of transformation. It gets it's name "Coral Selenite" not from a color, but from it's appearance. It is formed by Selenite that was at the ceiling of the mine, dissolving it's physical form, and dripping on to the Selenite matrix below it... And then reforming!! From a solid, to a liquid, to a solid. From a stable or hard solid to a more fragile but complex solid! Willing to sacrifice its original form in order to become something new. Something that is still in partnership with the Selenite that forms its base...supporting and creating this new type of crystal. Earthly Magic!
I am not sure how long this piece will be with us... hopefully six months to a year. But I want to invite you to come and visit with it. Place your hands on it, sit with it, experience it. It has only been at Storm Wisdom for a few days and there are already clients and friends who are having amazing insights and awarenesses as a result of connecting with this new friend. We have even purchased a journal and placed it there for anyone who wants to share their experience or information from this crystal! I think you will find this to be a unique and potent experience!
Please come and enjoy! An open invitation not only from me... from this crystal as well!
PS... When Gisela touches it, she hears "A Council of Seven"! I wonder if that is the name???
With Light, Love & Laughter

We also have a Canadian sculptor, Paule Guerin, in residence at Mark's ranch this month, and she has exhibited her work in The Netherlands, France and  Canada:




And here is the flyer on the November Workshop in Carefree, Arizona:

November 10 2012 Awaken Your BEing Workshop_Page_1.jpg

November 10 2012 Awaken Your BEing Workshop_Page_2.jpg



October 2012: We attended an Open House at a Design Center in Denver to view the custom selenite table by Tommy Mack, which is for sale. The two pieces can be separated. Contact us for details.


During a visit to Italy in October, one of our distributors left Crystalline Phoenix® Selenite around Rome and the Italian countryside.

September 2012: We shipped over 100 stand-up slabs to our distributor in New Zealand, Earth Energies NZ Ltd, to be used in a grid covering the country. They are also using our selenite in cosmetic products, see "Links".

And we shipped 4 large crates of primarily art pieces and Selenite Coral to our distributor near Edmonton, Canada...Serenity Gift Store, see "Links" .

August 2012: We welcome our newest distributors, Mary-Jane Wood and her husband Philip, in Australia. You can find them at




We also transported our largest shipment yet, over 9000 pounds of selenite to California for use in both gridding and sculpture applications. The largest sculpture block was over 2 tons. It was also our largest gridding job, with over 4500 pounds and a 1000+ pound beacon crystal.



July 2012: We have provided a number of our customers with selenite to leave in special, sacred places around the globe, including Jerusalem, and most recently on the slopes of Montsegur.