Crystalline Phoenix® Selenite Crystal Products and Services


Selenite Fountains

Contrary to urban myth, selenite is only slightly soluble in water and can be used in fountain applications.

Selenite Fountain in office
Crystalline Phoenix Selenite Fountain

Selenite Mounted in Marble Base

We take beautiful stand up slabs and mount them in white marble bases. They can also be mounted in travertine marble, fossil limestone, and wood bases.

Very large coral edged Selenite Stand ups

Selenite Gridding, Landscaping & Repeaters

Selenite crystals are available in different sizes, from shards for paving and pathways, etc.; slabs for tables, benches, seats, and architectural applications; and crystals up to several tons for major effect pieces. (see Shop photos)

We have used selenite crystal pieces from 10 pounds up to 1500+ pounds to grid offices, bedrooms, homes, residential property, ranches, agricultural property, and warehouses, with total amounts per project from 700 pounds up to 4000+ pounds. (Amounts vary depending upon the requirements of the individual property.) We use pieces from milky white to window glass clarity. Go to our “Projects” section for more information.

Trudy Baker and friends seated on huge slab of Selenite from our quarry

1500+ pound landscape crystal in Phoenix, AZ area

Selenite Tables

Limited inventory

Selenite Table
Selenite table with Selenite base
Underlighted Selenite Table
Raw edged Selenite Table
Our selenite was used to create this table

Selenite Crystal Lighting

Plumlee Selenite lamps

Selenite Crystal lamps

Selenite Crystal Lighted Wall Hangings

Selenite wall sconce

     Trudy in front of 9 1/2 ft double terminated selenite slab on wall, backlit with LED

Selenite Crystal Seats, Foot Pieces, and Stand-on Slabs

Selenite Meditation Seat
Mary Delaney meditating with Selenite
Nicki LeMarbre on selenite slab
Buddhist monk meditating on Selenite

Selenite Coral

Selenite coral is Divine Love!

Selenite Coral specimin from our Quarry
Selenite Coral from Crystalline Phoenix quarry in New Mexico

Selenite Crystal Bases

selenite placemat used to clear wine

For flower arrangements, food serving platters,
and sacred objects

Selenite slab used for Kate King's Jewelry3.jpeg

For jewelry, crystals, wands, sacred objects, etc.

Selenite Crystal Disks & Pendants

for jewelry production (see News) and body placement

Selenite heart hand carved and wire wrapped by jewelry designer,  Nicki LeMarbre

selenite jewelry by Trudy Baker

Jewelry by Trudy Baker

Selenite earrings by Nicki LeMarbre

Selenite Crystal Building Blocks for Children

Selenite blocks for play

Selenite Crystal Chips & Powders

Fine selenite crystal chips for murals/paintings as well as for body pillows & horse saddle blankets

Pure selenite powder (water soluble) for use in: soaking baths; topicals such as cremes, massage oils, and lotions; paints; compresses and hot water bottles; laundry (placed in fabric softener dispenser in final rinse)and spray bottles (for personal mysts, rooms, carpet, furniture, etc.) 

Crystalline Phoenix Selenite Bath Powder
Body mists infused with Selenite Powder
Selenite Crystal Mists

Selenite Crystal Beverage Coasters For Wine, Tea, Coffee, Water, etc.

Selenite coasters for wine
Selenite coaster gifts

Hand Polished Selenite Coral Tipped Rods by Trudy

Coral tipped Selenite wands

When we gifted a Maori Elder in New Zealand with one of these, she remarked that it held the energy “of the Central Sun”.

Hand Polished Selenite Wands & Hand Helds by Trudy

Trudy Baker Hand Carved Selenit Wands
Selenite Handhelds by Trudy Baker

Selenite Crystal LED Lights & Candleholders

Small Selenite pieces aglow
elenite candleholders

Selenite Crystal As Art

Selenite sculpture form our quarry on display in  Turkey

Etched Selenite Coasters, Slabs & Disks

Crystalline Phoenix offers custom etched Selenite

Selenite Crystals For Animals

Often dogs will sleep on or next to Selenite
Horses LOVE Selenite
cats LOVE Selenite
Dogs LOVE Selenite

Shannon on padded selenite crystal

This slab…mine!….that slab, yours

Our Ranch kitty LOVES Selenite
Our own Selenite Guardian

Ranch cat “Sheba” loves our selenite 

Selenite Crystals For Humans

Children LOVE Selenite

We often get requests for selenite that is to be placed under beds and/or in the corner of rooms in someones home. We gave, as a baby shower gift, a slab of selenite crystal to be placed under pads first in the bassinet and then in the crib of the beautiful child.

His Mother partially attributes his happy nature and over all balance to that selenite being with him thru all his development to date.

Another example of selenite choosing its partner, with the resultant benefits…the first “selenitechild”!