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Wands, Rods & Hand Helds
Our wands, rods and hand helds are either fully hand polished on a poly arbor/bull wheel/belt sander, or free formed and polished in a stream.
*This inventory changes constantly. Some items below may no longer be available. Prices do not include packing and shipping. Please check with us for current inventory, photos, and prices.
Stream polished wands, rods, and hand helds
These pieces have been polished and sculpted in a stream.
* Dimensions may vary as the dimensions are taken on a non-rectangular slab. Images are for reference only, each piece is distinct and will vary slightly from images. Please contact us for any additional images or details.
Check for current inventory, photos, and pricing.
Price: $3 per inch
Dimensions: various
Weight: various
Quantity: more than 20
Fully polished wands
Wands that have been fully polished on a polyarbor.
Larger: 10" & smaller; 7". Most are $10 per inch.
Price: various
Dimensions: various
Weight: various
Hand Helds & Rods
Fully polished cylinders of varying lengths and thicknesses.
Price: under each photo
Dimensions: various
Weight: various
Quantity: inquire