Rods Wands & Handhelds


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Our wands, rods and hand helds are either fully hand polished on a poly arbor/bull wheel/belt sander, or free formed and polished in a stream.

*This inventory changes constantly. Some items below may no longer be available. Prices do not include packing and shipping. Please check with us for current inventory, photos, and prices.

Hand Helds & Rods
Fully polished cylinders of varying lengths and thicknesses.

$25.00 Selenite Hand Helds

$30.00 Selenite Hand Helds

$35.00 Selenite Hand Helds

$55.00 Goddess Selenite Hand Held

$40.00 & $55.00 Selenite Hand Helds


“When Trudy gifted the Maori Elder with the selenite coral tipped rod, she responded that it had the energy of the Central Sun and would enable her to complete her purpose for this lifetime.”

Long Selenite Rods

$10 per inch

Fully Polished Selenite Coral Tipped Rods

Wands that have been fully polished on a polyarbor.
$10 per inch

wands 5.jpg
wands 6.jpg