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You may also fill out the contact form below and we will reply as soon as possible. If you submit the form below, please make sure your spam filters allow us to respond via our email addresses above. Also, please give your contact information, including your phone number and location. As we are often traveling, your phone contact info will enable us to get back to you when we do not have email access. Your location will enable us to know the time zone you are in. And please tell us where you heard about Crystalline Phoenix®.

Please let us know in the message box if you are interested in Landscaping, Gridding, Architectural, Meditation Seat, Alter, Foot Slab, Table, Art Piece or other. 

Most of our products are either custom orders or high turnover, or both.  
Please contact us with your specific interest and we will be happy to create a virtual appointment with you to discuss options and pricing via live video chat.  

In a hurry?  Sorry, we are not Amazon.  We do not offer free or expedited shipping.  We are miners and everything we sell must be dug out of the ground at our selenite deposit in New Mexico.  If your order involves special processing (cutting, shaping, polishing) we will make every effort to prepare and ship your order as quickly as possible.  Most orders require special packing for shipping.  Since we use a professional packing/shipping service, we have no control over eventual ship dates.  In the event of extended delays, we will try to keep you informed of the status of your shipment as it moves through the preparation and packing process.  Under no circumstances will we ship an order that has not been carefully and professionally packed. 

Natural stone is quarried from the earth and as such, it will contain variations in colour, veining and shading. It may also contain inclusions, matrix from the quarry, Selenite coral, pits, fissures and cracks as a result of its geological formation.  These are not flaws or faults and stone containing them may be used for your project. Often these features add to the beauty and uniqueness of each individual piece of stone. If the exact colour or veining is critical to you, it is your responsibility to visit the workshop to view and approve the slabs that will be used for your project before production. We will not entertain any claim in relation to the appearance or features of the stone where they were not viewed before manufacture.  If you are placing an order with us on behalf of an end user then it is your responsibility to ensure that they are fully aware of these requirements.

Please note that we no longer take credit cards. 
We are happy to take checks, money orders,
and PayPal (plus their 3.5% fee), wire transfers,and cash,of course!
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