We have sold and given as gifts, a large number of “glass” clear pieces of Crystalline Phoenix@ selenite to place jewelry, sacred objects, and/or other crystals and stones on, to clear accumulated, unwanted energies. We have also provided milky to glass clear pieces of selenite to be used as benches, seats and foot pieces, or to be inserted under bed pillows, beds, chairs, rockers, and treatment tables to cleanse, clear, and balance energies. A unique application has been to use thick pieces for flagstones for someone to clear themselves before entering a sacred space. Selenite powder has become very popular, and people are finding more and more applications for its use.

In treatment and healing sessions, we recommend cleansing all stones and other tools on a I + inch thick selenite slab during and after treatments.

One of the most popular uses of Crystalline Phoenix@ selenite is for wine and beverage coasters. In taste testing and laboratory tests, there is definitely a change in the beverage. You be the judge! Our selenite powder has been used as bath powder as well as in paints, bath salts, hot water bottles , room and personal sprays, concrete slabs, and laundry.

Healers have used Crystalline Phoenix@ selenite discs to amplify the healing properties of a low level red light laser, as well as for body placement and pocket pieces.

The amount and kind of energy desired to be effectively cleared is proportional to the thickness of selenite or amount of powder required for the clearing. For seats and altars, as well as jewelry clearing, slabs should be at least 1 inch thick. Somewhat thinner selenite will give positive results for everyday clearing, such as jewelry worn that day, yet the clearing may take longer for more congested items!