The Heart & Soul of Crystalline Phoenix

Crystalline Phoenix® LLC has gifted several tons of selenite crystal, thru the “give away pile” at the quarry and donations to non-profit spiritual and healing centers, as well as to individuals in need and to people traveling to sacred places around the world. Often, we take the selenite directly to power places and sacred places, and donate it ourselves, like the donation of selenite to the three sacred mesas of the Hopi. We have prioritized donations of selenite to science teachers as well as to teachers of special needs students, where the teachers have found that the students perform better holding selenite. We have also prioritized donations of selenite to individuals traveling to or living in areas of natural disasters, for them to donate or sell the selenite and donate the proceeds to help people in need there. We donated to a school and healing center in Haiti after an earthquake, to Puerto Rico after a hurricane, and most recently to New Zealand after their floods. We have also supported individuals and entities who are helping us expand the energy grid of Crystalline Phoenix® selenite, as well as developing innovative and creative applications for Crystalline Phoenix® selenite crystal. And, we have welcomed geology students from colleges and universities around the country, as well as geologists from the government and industry, all of whom we have gifted selenite to.

  • Selenite was donated to each of the three sacred mesas of the Hopi.
  • Peruvian shaman gifting our selenite to Lake Titicaca.
  • Exceptional students perform better when they are holding selenite.
  • Elementary school, science class, use of our selenite.
  • Our selenite was gifted to Merlin’s Mt. in Wales.
  • And Montsegur, Cathar stronghold, France.
And the peak of the Cabinent Mts., MT.
As well as Sacred Bali.
Selenite was gifted for the 4 corners and the altar of this church in CT.
And to this farm in CA. (production improved)