Crystalline Phoenixe selenite pieces of up to 50+ pounds have been sold for meditational seats, and we have pieces up to hundreds of pounds for meditational platforms. We have Filled orders for selenite treatment tables and altars of various sizes for indoors and outdoors. Selenite has become part of medicine wheels, labyrinths, and stone circles. Selenite has been used in sacred ceremony and workshops. It has been left as offerings all over the world by us and our customers!

Our selenite has been gifted to Mother Earth and sacred sites, as well as to powerful individuals for their work.

Because selenite “quickly opens and activates the third eye, crown chakra, and the Soul Star chakra above the head”, Katrina Raphaell strongly recommends in The Crystalline Transmission

Vol. 3, that “Selenite can be used in crystal healings if you Use accompanying grounding stones. We recommend the use of grounding stones anytime someone is connecting with selenite in clearing, meditation, or aura work, as well as when physically sculpting, polishing, or handling selenite for any length of time (our suggestions for grounding stones: hematite, black tourmaline, smokey quartz, obsidian, nuumite). These may be held in the hand, placed near the feet, worn as bracelets, carried in pockets, worn as necklaces, and/or integrated with the selenite crystal.

Trudy gifted this special piece of selenite coral to a Maori Elder on the North Island, NZ.

Selenite workshop put on by Gini Collin on North Island, NZ.


Robert Laporte of Econest meditating on Selenite


Cosmic Phi Resonator, by Kaayla Fox


Selenite in and around medicine wheel


Selenite offering at top of highest peak in Cabinet Mountains.


Selenite offering at sacred site in Hawaii.


Selenite offering was made during a clearing ceremony at Mount Ngauruhoe (Mount Doom LOTR) on the North Island, NZ.


Selenite used in workshop on North Island, NZ


Selenite seat and foot piece lie under the purple covers for this magnificent wood throne at 6th Sense Spiritual Store in Cassadaga, Florida


Selenite slabs used on treatment table at Angel Room Wellness Center, Mendon, MA

Trudy and Mason cutting a slab for a treatment table going to California


Six cut slabs for the California treatment table laid out


Mark, Trudy, and Leela with selenite seat at restaurant in Corrales, NM

Black tourmaline for grounding, as well as grounding stone beads in ankle bracelets


Trudy Ann Baker on selenite seat near Pecos


Selenite seat at Virgin of Guadalupe Statue


Selenite seat on travertine marble base in sacred space


Selenite meditation seat in sacred space


Selenite seat on pine wood base with selenite footpiece


Crystal bowl played on selenite, notice OIMP bead bracelet


Trudy on 1500+ pound selenite