Crystalline Phoenix® selenite has been merged with native woods, paint, crystals, and blown glass into beautiful works of art, as well as used for jewelry and platforms to display miniatures or art of any kind. And Trudy has merged her selenite discs with special art from Nepal to create beautiful pendants and earings.We have also sold a large number of selenite LED lights (selenite loves light!) and  selenite candle holders. We have filled orders for slabs for selenite lamps. Our biggest demand currently is for selenite slabs cut to stand in windows, on desks, and on display as well as “Selenite Coral ©” as art pieces. This “Selenite Coral ©” is unique to this quarry. And our largest “Selenite Coral ©” pieces weigh over 1 ton.

5′ Interactive Art Installation by Kylin OF NYC called “Crystalline Entity Speaks for Itself”

Blackman Cruz Selenite Chandelier

Backlit Selenite at Oakland Park

Pillar Piece mounted on Mica Base, Bahrain.jpg
Tower in office.jpg

Pillar piece mounted in mica base, installed in office in Bahrain.

Very large wall hanging slab.jpg

Very large wall hanging slab ~ Sold
9 ft slab backlit on wall in spa in Montana


Art piece by Brendan Bass

Hand Held Art

Polished pieces, some with selenite coral, that are art and which want to be held.

Beautifully crafted and polished hand held Selenite with coral edges.

Laser etched selenite
Phoenix laser etched on to 9″ selenite disc by Abe Van Vleck of Austin, TX

Selenite stand up slabs on display in Istanbul, Turkey,
by Canvas Art Consultants, see “Links”.

Selenite sculptures with Crop Circles, by Kaayla Fox

Selenite art by David Gappa

Stand up crystal mounted in white marble base for shipment

to gallery in Calgary, Canada.

Dragons Tooth stand up mounted in volcanic cinder in artistic bowl.

Cats loving selenite stand up in window.

Autumnal Equinox’s morning light as it came into first via the selenite stand up.

The beautiful piece of “Selenite Coral ©” on the right was shipped to Sydney, Australia, and the one on the left to Canada. See Trudy’s write-up on “Selenite Coral ©” on the “Home” page.

Selenite Slab with massive selenite “coral”. We have selenite pieces of several hundred pounds with this “Selenite Coral ©” deposit on them.

Zuni selenite fetish to wear over heart, silver wire wrapped by Juanita Melendez

Selenite Jewelry by Nicki LeMarbre at Crystal and Stone Studio

selenite candle holder with tea candle

small selenite block lit from below with LED light

Crystal egg holders

Grouping of selenite lights with lavender LED’s

Miniatures on selenite

Miniatures on selenite with wood base

Display piece of “Selenite Coral ©”

Many pieces are natural art, here the sun shines through a piece with snowflake-like gypsum deposit