Processing Selenite


This gives you an idea of what it takes to bring these beautiful crystals from the New Mexico desert to you.

Quarry Time

The Selenite Quarry is south of Carlsbad, NM near the Guadalupe Mountains. The energy is gorgeous and magical. Job one is to survey and plan the dig.


  • Brushing off the mixture of dirt, sand and clay so we can see where to cut.
  • Pressure washing to see how far back this slab goes.
  • Cutting into the Selenite beds.
  • Setting the stakes into the slabs.
  • Setting the straps.
  • Lifting the huge slabs with backhoe.
  • Cutting Wall Sconces … lining up the saw blade.
  • Cutting Wall Sconces … slow and steady.
  • Cutting Wall Sconces … nearly done.
  • Cutting, Polishing and Preparing the Selenite.
  • Popping layers with air hose.
  • Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 11.07.51 AM.png
    Our Selenite beds lay near the sacred Guadalupe Mountains.
  • Mason with a table top slab.
  • Gorgeous Chunk of Selenite.