Selenite Gridding


Would you like to live encased in a Beacon of Light that actively supports the life focus of all who live there?  Selenite griddings are one of Trudy Baker’s specialties. Trudy will tune into the space and ask where to place the stones and then how many pounds for each stone to bring the property or space into full harmony.  The selenite is placed with support stones that we provide at the corners or angles of the space to be gridded and a “beacon” stone in the center that acts as the “brain” of the gridding, whether that is a full property, from a ranch of hundreds of acres, or a neighborhood lot or house, or just an office, meditation space or bedroom.  Another option, not as inclusive, yet more affordable, is one large selenite “repeater” with support stones that we provide.  This is grounded in a form of partnership with the selenite in which the intentions or wishes of those who reside there are transmitted to the selenite in a form of programming.

All of our griddings and repeaters connect in a selenite matrix to support the Planet Work of raising the frequency of this beautiful planet, as well as that of humanity.  Once the selenite is grounded and set, Trudy will teach you how to ask for specific help.  Trudy’s favorite example is for the customer to put their hands on the beacon or repeater and say something like “Please assist me in learning to love myself more fully!”  We love that one, and that’s all it takes to add a request to your gridding after it has been established.  Trudy is also available by email for questions on an ongoing basis after your gridding is completed.  We have also had great success in placing, or when the time is right, shifting, the programming of a selenite gridding to help sell a property!

A gridding includes selenite on each side of driveways, and doors that non-residents would use, where Trudy will put a Reiki filter that clears extraneous energies that attach to us during our daily lives.  This includes the residents after a hard days work or play.  It has been suggested that 80% of our thoughts aren’t our own, but belong to others.  Whether that be people we work with, neighbors, those we pass on the street, see on TV, or say their name (The Egyptian law of Ren states that if you say someone’s name, an aspect of them is compelled to come to you. For most of us, they don’t go back unless we send them back.  Trudy does this type of clearing, twice a day, easily taught, and the selenite helps!) Again, a selenite gridding transforms and deflects thoughts of neighbors and people passing by.

Crystalline Phoenix has completed more than 100 indoor and outdoor gridding and repeater applications in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, California, Montana, Oregon, New Mexico, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Canada, New Zealand, Peru, Germany and Singapore.  We are seeing interest in selenite griddings in sites as diverse as living spaces, commercial warehouses, bank offices, shrimp farms, vineyards, horse stalls and arenas, alternative medicine clinics, therapist offices, churches, parks, restaurants, stores and more…

Our selenite is available in different sizes for indoor and outdoor gridding and repeater applications, from shards for paving, pathways, area focus or xeriscaping; larger selenite slabs from 50 to 1000+ lbs.; opaque to glass clear stand ups for windows, tables and nightstands; large crystals up to several tons for major effect pieces.  We have used our selenite pieces from 5 lbs. up to 1200+ lbs. for indoor and outdoor gridding and repeater projects, with total amounts per project ranging from 65 up to 4,000+ lbs.  Amounts will vary depending upon the requirements of the individual space, be it a bedroom, an office, a residence, an agricultural area, an animal’s home space, an industrial site, or a large ranch.  We have found that animals appear to love selenite in their space.  We use pieces from milky white to window glass clarity depending on availability.

What is a Gridding?

All property has its own history. The residual “memory” of human events, even an argument, is “registered” where it took place. That there is memory of the history of a site is a pretty safe assumption, even if this history is simply plant or mineral (like drought, flood, fire, etc.). Most of us find locations where we feel good and those where we are uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons: some history is beneficial to those living at a site and some is not. A “gridding” involves tuning into a site and the surrounding area to see how the energies affect both the individuals and the area. The site knows what is needed for clearing its own history and supporting the current inhabitants in their individual lives. It guides us where to put what kinds of stones, how big they need to be and, with the input of the inhabitants, how those stones will be programmed (health, joy, abundance, support of one’s spiritual work or artistic path, or simply for one’s highest good — the programming possibilities are endless).

    • Dragon Tooth landscape piece
      200+ lbs
    • Old Dragon Tooth
      24” x 24”
    • May be used as a seat in landscape
      20” x 20” x 8”

Selenite Crystal Property Gridding and Repeaters

In a Selenite Crystal Property Gridding and Repeater application, Crystalline Phoenix® selenite crystals have been found to add beauty and presence as well as providing clearing of and removal of negative energy within an area or at a site. In Edgar Cayce Guide To Gemstones Minerals, Metals, and More, by Shelly Kaehr, PhD, it states, “Selenite, as I like to call it, is one of the most powerful stones of the New Age. It brings light into the energetic bodies and instantly clears all chakras. It is one of the few stones that does not ever need to be cleansed. It can be used to cleanse other stones as well. ”Selenite repeaters and gridding pieces carry the metaphysical energy of both gypsum and selenite. According to Melody in Love is in the Earth, the reference book on metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom, gypsum “is considered the lucky stone. It provides a strong influence for bringing good fortune.” Melody lists numerous health benefits of working and living with selenite, including “to facilitate regeneration of the cellular structure” and “to extend ones life span.” Katrina Raphaell, in her “Crystal Trilogy” writes extensively about the benefits of using selenite in crystal healing, and in The Crystalline Transmission, states “that this crystal is endowed with a special ability to alter the very nature of physical matter.” And according to Simmons and Ashian in The Book of Stones, selenite clears or bridges blockages and densities in the energy field. This phenomenon has been observed by metaphysical healers, wherein selenite clears the negative energies of an area or space.


Trudy Ann Baker is a master at reading energetic uses of selenite crystal and is available to assist in optimum placement of the pieces in any installation. The benefits of this selective placement include energetic clearing of the physical area and its residents, as well as many others, depending upon the specifics of the area and its surroundings.

For more information and testimonials on the benefits of gridding horse stalls with selenite, as well as additional applications of selenite to horses and their environment, please contact Trudy Ann Baker:

Crystalline Phoenix® selenite is available in different sizes for indoor and outdoor Gridding and Repeater applications, from shards for paving, pathways, area focus or xeriscaping.