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Crystalline Phoenix® Selenite Crystal Outlets:

Atelier Viollet, Brooklyn, NY (cabinets with selenite tile facing)

Matthew Studios, NY, NY (selenite tables)

Eric Brand (selenite tables)

Ron Dier Design, Los Angeles (selenite sculptures and tables)

Surroundings Furniture, Northfield, NJ (selenite tables)

Stonefish, London, UK (selenite tables)

Newell Design Studio, Orange, CA (selenite tiled furniture)

Blackman Cruz, Los Angeles (selenite tables)

Ohio Woodworking Company, Cincinnati Ohio (selenite tiled furniture)

Earth Energies NZ Ltd , New Zealand (selenite based cosmetics, diamond/heart shapes, slabs, workshops)

Godley Garden, Chicago/Dallas (selenite)

Leslie Miller, Carlsbad, CA, (selenite seats & foot slabs, etc)

Nicki LeMarbre, East Falmouth, MA (selenite workshops, seats & footpieces, hand helds)

Mary Delaney, Cave Creek, AZ (seats, stand on slabs, hand helds, coasters, powder, discs)

Patricia Krimmel, Knoxville, TN (selenite slabs, altars, seats, foot pieces)

Joan & Mike Smutko (selenite coasters, slabs)

Gary Fishman, Denver, CO (selenite seats, hand helds, tables)

 ZuZu's Healing ArtsMelrose, MA (selenite)

Joshua Plumlee, Arkansas (selenite lamps)

Swank Lighting, Arkansas (selenite lamps)

Canvas Art Consultants, Atlanta (selenite art displays)

                   Architectural Minerals, Irvington, NY (selenite specimens)

Your Soul Vibration, Vineburg, CA (selenite slabs, powder, hand helds, coasters)

 Kaayla Fox, Sedona (selenite jewelry and sculpture)

D & J Custom Benchworks, Los Angeles (custom selenite tables)

Storm Wisdom, Scottsdale, AZ (seats, selenite coral, mysts with selenite powder)

 Leela Hutchison (selenite hydrosol & workshops)

Crystal Cave, Medfield, MA (selenite seats & footpieces, hand helds)

VHD Performance Horses (selenite for horses)


Mineralogical Properties of Selenite/Gypsum:

Wikipedia on Selenite

Mindat on Selenite

Webmineral Gypsum Mineral Data Gypsum

Metaphysical Properties of Selenite Crystals:

Selenite Crystal Healing Excerpts

Metaphysical Selenite

Selenite Crystal Healing

Crystals 11: Selenite

The Spiritual Properties of Selenite Crystals

ShamanElder on Selenite

Selenite: A Crystal Prescription for Skin Issues

The Power of Selenite Crystals

Magical Selenite

Stone Talk: Selenite

Selenite Sword Maker

The Magic of Rocks and Stones: Selenite

Cave of the Crystal Giants:

Leela Hutchison

Naica Project (latest research)

The Giant Crystal Project

BBC Video:Cave of the Crystal Giants

National Park Selenite:

White Sands (selenite) National Park

Friends of Selenite:

 New Mexico Travertine

The Trinity Hotel, Carlsbad, NM

Spirals of Light

Eve's Garden Bed and Breakfast, Marathon, TX



Ashana - 'Transcendent Music for Healing, Relaxation, and Joy'


Source for Reference Books:

Amazon: Melody

Amazon: Hall

Amazon: Raphaell

Amazon: Simmons

Amazon: Kaehr