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The energy of the selenite has been measured scientifically as well as felt and visualized. We have often, over the past 15 years, wondered how and why. Our best guess is that the selenite’s energetic properties come from at least two sources:
• the selenite is formed in a composition of very thin sheets compressed together, which absorbed the suns and earths energy over the millennia under the shallow Permian Sea and is now slowly releasing it, much like a battery or capacitor; and/ or
• the selenite started out as living shelled sea creatures during the Permian Era, where they were initially devastated during the Permian Extinction and their shells fell to the sea floor, then were compacted along with calcium precipitated from saturated seawater into limestone ( calcium carbonate), then got converted into calcium sulfate (gypsum/selenite) over millennia in areas where hydrogen sulfide from volcanic or petroleum sources percolated up thru the limestone 


These slabs have been specifically chosen to be used for lotus position meditation.
Selenite Seat Slabs are in very limited availability

Sample lotus meditation slab.

One of our slabs being used by a Buddhist monk.

* This photo may not be reproduced without the permission of the Buddhist monk.


Available Selenite Slabs

20x15x1+”, lots of selenite coral, $199, good for individuals up to 150 pounds with recommended padding 


Dragon Tooth Seat Slab 17x13x1.5”, 25 pounds,  $333

med slab.jpeg

18x15x2”, thin side edges, but good for individuals up to 200+ pounds with recommended padding, $230


Dragon Tooth Seat Slab 21x13x2.5”, 21 pounds,  $333


Foot Slab 10x9x1”, 8 pounds, $56


Foot Slab 11x11x1.5”, 14 pounds, $SOLD

Alter or Seat Slab 18 x 15 x 1+”, 14 pounds, $98

Clearing Slabs

7 x 7 x .75”, 2.8 pounds, $20

9 x 6 x .75”, 2.8 pounds, $18

13 x 8”, 6.3 pounds, $49

12 x 7.5”, 5.1 pounds, $36

Stream Sculpted and Polished Pocket Pieces
$25 each, can be converted to hanging pieces at $35 each.


Selenite Coral Altars
$300 (very limited inventory)

coral alter_edited.jpg

Small Altars
3.3 and 2.7 pounds

small altars.jpg
SMALL ALTERS 3_edited.jpg

Selenite Handheld with Goddess Opening
6.5 inches ~ $85

Goddess HH .jpg
Goddess HH2 .jpg

Selenite Hand Slab
6 inches ~ $120


Selenite Rod 1
9 inches ~ $90


Selenite Rod 2
9 inches ~ $90