We have used Crystalline Phoenix® selenite pieces from 5 pounds up to 1200+ pounds for indoor and outdoor gridding and repeater projects, with total amounts per project from 65 pounds up to 4000+ pounds. Amounts will vary depending upon the requirements of the individual space, be it a bedroom, an office, a residence, an agricultural area, an animals’ home space, an industrial site, or a large ranch. We have found that animals appear to love selenite in their space. We use pieces from milky white to window glass clarity. For more detailed information on gridding and its many benefits, please go to 
“Shop: Selenite Gridding and Repeaters”.

What is a Gridding?

  By Trudy Ann Baker 

All property has its own history.  The residual “memory” of human events, even an argument, is “registered” where it took place.  That there is memory of the history of a site is a pretty safe assumption, even if this history is simply plant or mineral (like drought, flood, fire, etc.).  Most of us find locations where we feel good and those where we are uncomfortable.  This is one of the reasons: some history is beneficial to those living at a site and some is not.  A “gridding” involves tuning into a site and the surrounding area to see how the energies affect both the individuals and the area.  The site knows what is needed for clearing its own history and supporting the current inhabitants in their individual lives.  It guides us where to put what kinds of stones, how big they need to be and, with the input of the inhabitants, how those stones will be programmed (health, joy, abundance, support of one’s spiritual work or artistic path, or simply for one’s highest good — the programming possibilities are endless). 

So far, all of our outdoor gridding projects have called for 75 to 100 pound Crystalline Phoenix® selenite pieces at the major perimeter corners and 50 to 75 pound pieces at any other boundary angles of the property and on either side of all driveways.  A selenite crystal “beacon” is positioned in the interior of the property supported by several other stones.  The selenite can clear, harmonize and nurture the property. Certain other support stones assist in maintaining this clearing and in supporting the inhabitants in their life path and other programming choices.   In addition, selenite is often useful at the outside corners of buildings and sometimes in the corner of rooms, depending on the structure’s history. 

Ideally, selenite crystals would be programmed and inserted into the foundation corners of the structure during construction, again with other appropriate support stones. 

A completed gridding affects a much larger area than just the property where the stones are placed.  We have noticed that our griddings in many diverse locations have energetically connected with each other, creating an even larger grid of light.   This is perhaps the greatest benefit of all – the potential for supporting our entire precious planet!

grid 1 church.jpg

Selenite we donated in corner of church in New England.

grid 2 mary.jpg

Selenite at grid site in Scottsdale, AZ

grid 3 tru donk.jpg

Trudy with her new friend whose horse stall she just gridded

tru4 tru horse.jpg

Trudy & Mark gridding horse stall, notice selenite crystal between them.

grid 5 res.jpg

Selenite at residential grid site

grid 6 res.jpg

Selenite at grid site in Cave Creek, AZ

grid 7 warehs.jpg

Warehouse and office complex gridded with over 1300 pounds of selenite

grid 8 office.jpg

Selenite in corner of corporate office

grid 9 med off.jpg

Selenite in corner of medical clinic

grid 10 waterfall.jpg

Selenite at head of waterfall in Sedona

grid 11 beacon.jpg

Selenite beacon at ranch in Texas

grid 12 beacon.jpg

Selenite beacon at ranch in Texas

grid 13 beacon.jpg

Selenite at top of hill overlooking complex near Tesuque

grid 14 beacon pecos.jpg

Selenite at ranch near Pecos, New Mexico

grid 15 pecos.jpg

Selenite at historic home near Pecos

grid 16 pecos.jpg

Selenite at historic home near Pecos

grid 17 pecos.jpg

Selenite at historic home near Pecos

grid 18 home.jpg

Selenite beacon stone at home in Phoenix

grid 19 beacon.jpg

Selenite beacon stone at ranch near Pecos, New Mexico

grid 20 pecos.jpg

Selenite at historic home near Pecos

grid 21 sedona beacon.jpg

Selenite beacon stone at home in Sedona

grid 22 mark horse.jpg

Inspecting the selenite gridding stone

grid 23 tru horse.jpg

Trudy working with the horse before we gridded her arena, etc.

grid 24 tru phx ranch.jpg

Selenite beacon stone near Phoenix

grid 25 yucca.jpg

The yucca is pleased

grid 26 vineyard.jpg

Selenite placed at each end of vineyard row

grid 27 s america.jpg

Selenite grid pointing to Yellowstone and on ley line to South America

grid 28 solar.jpg

Solar array that we gridded

grid 29 cali.jpg

Selenite at entrance to property in California

grid 30 home.jpg

Selenite beacon at residence in Phoenix

grid 31 tempe.jpg

Selenite beacon crystal at residence in Tempe

grid 32 home.jpg

1200 pound selenite beacon, largest yet, going into residence undergoing renovation

grid 33 ashland.jpg

Beacon at grid site in Ashland, Oregon